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-  New high-tech factory exemplifies Changan's ambition

October 26, 2017

Matches the most advanced car factories

New high-tech factory exemplifies Changan's ambition

  •          Almajdouie: We are proud of  our success in marketing Changan  
  •          Changan ambitions go  beyond the usual


Dammam: October 23, 2017- Changan Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., the Chinese most renowned automotive  brand, which was launched in 1958, has  achieved the difficult equation in car manufacturing sector, since the company was able, within a short period of time, to go global   in terms of modern manufacturing facilities,  and research and development centers throughout the world, that placed the company among the world's most  advanced  international companies in the industry .

It’s been a fantastic year for Changan. Not only has the company cemented its place as one of the best selling Chinese auto brands, they’ve also made innovative breakthroughs in both R&D and marketing. Popular campaigns such as the Extreme Heat Test and Top Gear Test Drive have boosted Changan's profile overseas. Foreign markets are now seeing a bold and confident company on the rise.

Today, through Almajdouie integrated centers throughout Saudi Arabia, Changan brand represents a turning point in its market presence in view of the launch of new highly sophisticated models, as well as its regional and global expansion. Changan  has  transcended its global  presence,  and formed a strong competition in terms of  advanced technologies  and high performance products. The company's ambition to be a global player has become a reality.

In this regard, Mohammed Almajdouie, CEO of Almajdouie Motors commented as saying:" we had no doubt that  Changan brand  would attract  the attention of the  Saudi consumer, its market high demand is our pride".

At the core of Changan’s success story is a fundamental principle – power in manufacturing. And nowhere is this better exemplified, than in their brand new, state-of-the-art factory. The all-new factory was completed in September 2016. And straight away, important car models such as the CS55 began rolling off the production line. To watch the manufacturing process here, is to witness a Chinese auto brand at the very top of their game.

More than 440 top-end industrial robots automate about 75% of the manufacturing process in this ultra-modern workplace. As the pictures show, it is truly one of the premier car-making facilities in the world. Such advanced technological capabilities allow Changan to staggeringly produce a new car every single minute. Not content with this, the Chinese auto brand leader intends to work alongside world-renowned industrial robot companies to further increase the quality and pace of their already impressive output. 

This is only the beginning for Changan. The ambitious company intends to push on from here, to not only be the leading Chinese auto brand, but one of the top auto brands worldwide! Based on the evidence from their new high-tech factory, that ambition is sure to become a reality.

Changan's global R&D organization currently encompasses dedicated facilities and teams in Chongqing (China), Beijing (China), Hebei (China), Hefei (China), Turin (Italy), Yokohama (Japan), Birmingham (UK), and Detroit (USA). Changan  global R&D team is able to work collaboratively on vehicle development over a 24-hour a day uninterrupted schedule.

Changan will soon be able to test-run cars on its own tracks, as the Dianjiang proving ground enters the final phase of construction. Costing 1.3 billion Yuan ($ 197 m),  the new facility will enable the company to conduct all tests of its vehicles, including tests of endurance,  speed,  maneuverability, strength and durability, and thus reduces almost by half the time needed for developing new vehicles.

On the other hand, the Company reported sales results for the year 2016. For the year, the company sold 3.06 million cars, up 9.2% year on year. The Company also provided sales guidance for the year 2017 aiming at selling 3.1 million cars.